Claims Services

Through vigilance in oversight, rigor in execution and follow-up, PRISM leverages its decades of claims handling to help its client mitigate claims and control settlements.  Whether it’s a complex Workers’ Comp claim, a high exposure Professional Liability claim, or a significant Property Damage claim, PRISM strives to provide unparalleled client claims service.

Delivering Beyond: Limitless hours of service beyond typical providers.

Client Interaction

PRISM aggressively manages claims and establishes up-front guidelines, including close contact with all parties involved and coordination with partner carriers.

Broad knowledge of industry claim situations enables CH Claims Handling and our in-house PRISM expertise to be there for our clients.  Our PRISM team assumes a client advocacy position by following our client’s claim from submission to settlement.

Claims Analysis

At PRISM, we take a proactive role in assisting our clients as soon as we know a claim is about to be filed. Where necessary, we deploy experts including insurance adjusters, attorneys, industry specialists and, in some cases, public adjusters, to help in individual claim investigations.

Our experience shows that early knowledge and intervention in the claims process is a best practice that benefits all parties in terms of minimizing payment exposure and severity of claims paid.

Claim Form Preparation

Claims service is all about accountability, and timely follow-up. PRISM takes drafted claim filing to the next level with custom forms, witness statements and follow-up to confirm that each claim incident is well-documented and thoroughly investigated to minimize and prevent reoccurrence.

PRISM claim consultants can help customize language to each situation and claim. A properly-submitted claims form increases the probability of a better claim outcome.  Managing the claims process is another example of our PRISM dedicated service pledge.

Better Outcomes

When an accident occurs, PRISM’s prompt and appropriate response can greatly improve the outcome. We help set up tracking systems to assess claims history, frequency and severity, and payments as well as the direct and indirect costs associated with claims.

Our state-of-the-art claims management systems fully automate the claim tracking process. Thorough our aggressive accident review and follow-up process, PRISM is better able to deliver results and expedite settlements.

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